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Our vision at MPC is to make watches with quality and options on par with brands that are way above our price point. We believe we can give you a product of exceptional quality without the negative experiences you might receive from more expensive brands. With MPC, there is no bargaining with authorized dealers, or any shoddy customer service experience. We are a very small operation and believe the caliber of our watches speaks for themselves.

Watches That Speak For Themselves

In an effort to keep my prices reasonable, I do not utilize traditional sales techniques of big brands. I have no physical stores to pay rent or salespeople to pay commission. I do not utilize huge marketing campaigns or pay athletes millions of dollars to endorse my products. I do not need the extra hype…MPC watches speak for themselves.
If you are reading this page, you are a valued customer. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy your new timepiece. 
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