About Us


MPC’s vision is to make watches with quality and options on par with brands that are way above my watch’s price point.  I believe I can give you a product of exceptional quality without the negative experiences you might receive from more expensive brands. With MPC, there is no bargaining with authorized dealers or any shoddy customer service experience. MPC is a very small operation and I believe the caliber of my watches speaks for themselves. Another one of my biggest aims is to have transparency in the production of MPC watches, which is another challenge the current watch industry is lacking. To combat the lack of clarity and to ensure the trust of you as a buyer who would spend any amount of money on my watches, I believe you deserve to know about the production of my timepieces. I would like to tell you about each part of the MPC Club Series, individually, to prove that I have the utmost respect and integrity for the products at MPC.

The MPC Club Series is made of five key components.

Dial- The face is a pressed guilloche dial with the famed Clou De Paris pattern in the middle and a wave pattern on the outer portion of the dial.

Case and hands- MPC’s case and hands come from a century-old case manufacturing company in Germany. These venerable stainless-steel cases and beautifully polished nickel hands
are examples of expert craftsmanship and sleek proportions. The tolerances for both parts made these the best choice for MPC watches.

Straps- MPC straps come from Vancouver, Canada. All these straps are handcrafted. For the MPC Club Series, the default choice of strap is the full grain lizard leather strap with stitching to match whichever color of dial you decide. If you have any requests for different straps or options, please feel free to reach out, and I will try my best to accommodate your needs.

Movement- For the movement, MPC uses the highest standard of ETA caliber. The Club Series sports the ETA-2892-A2 movement in all black or decorated silver and engraved with the MPC name. The specific movement utilized is the top-grade variant of the 2892-A2 which is rated to +/- 5 seconds a day but is regulated in-house to ensure the movements exceed those standards.

Now how do those individual components become an MPC watch? Once the components are received, the parts are assembled in-house one at a time to ensure the best quality control possible.

So now about MPC. Why did I start this journey, and from where did these ideas come?

The idea of starting a watch company seemed like a massive undertaking that I didn’t have near enough knowledge to pursue. I was just an enthusiast who liked watches (so I thought). While the comment of a watch company being a massive undertaking was right, I began to tinker and assemble my own personal watches out of parts from eBay and to expand my knowledge of the industry. I saw all the problems that have been mentioned previously and as my confidence in watches grew, I just thought to myself, “I could do this better.” Now the dream that quickly turned into an idea has now become a passion. I am sure that all enthusiasts can relate to me when I say that without a watch on my wrist, I feel naked - bare in some peculiar way. Now I can look down and see something beautiful that I made and feel so confident wearing. While I may not be able to give you something that you put together yourself, my goal is to deliver you a watch that you can feel the same amount of excitement and confidence that I feel when wearing one of these stunning timepieces. I am very grateful to be able to share with you what I am doing here at MPC. I hope that others with similar visions will emulate some of the practices in my brand that aim to make the watch world a better and less snobby place.

And to whoever buys MPC watches now or in the future, I would like to say a massive thank you for supporting my dream and passion known as MPC. I feel very lucky and indebted that you would choose MPC as the next fuel to the fire of your horological collecting journey. Now with my long thanks out of the way, I hope you’ll indulge and enjoy looking at the beautiful
timepieces I have in store, and just maybe get one for yourself if you’re so inclined.

Welcome to the Club!