Meet the Maker

Michael Poleschuk

Hello, my name is Michael Poleschuk. From a young age I have been interested in mechanical objects…cars, planes, and of course, watches have always mesmerized me. Even though I am a massive enthusiast of all these, watches have always been an active part of my life.

I remember as a young child being excited when I went to a watch store. Over time I amassed a miscellaneous collection of various inexpensive watches myself. The seed was planted and my love and serious interest in horology sprouted about 3 years ago. I started to research deeply. I learned about all the well-known high-end brands as well as the more niche brands. I also became interested in how a watch worked and started to order parts and put them together as a hobby. I researched and drooled over watches that I could only dream about.

When I became a little older, my dad offered to get me a mid-tier luxury watch for my birthday. Finally, all my time spent in the deep rabbit hole of horology was going to pay off. Unfortunately, though, I could never find exactly what I was looking for. No watch that could do it all, and I’m sure as many watch enthusiasts can relate, I wanted all of them. That’s when I thought, “I could do this better myself”. So, I set out to tackle the massive challenge of building not only a watch, but a watch brand. I thought about the challenges I faced when attempting to buy my own watch and saw how I could improve this process without some of the issues plaguing the current watch market. No pulling strings with snobby dealers. No buying watches you don’t want to get the ones you do, and no customer service experiences that leave you with a bad taste afterwards.

This watch company is the culmination of that effort to be better. Years of discovery and development in the making. A promise to make exclusive and limited watches of the highest caliber for reasonable prices. I design and assemble every single watch myself. Our testing is at the highest level to make sure you get the best product. We regulate our movements to ensure that our watches have the strictest accuracy that are on par and even exceed COSC certification.

Debuting the MPC Club Series as our inaugural line of watches is something I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I am very grateful that I get to share with you my first creation. I chose the symbol of a ♣️ which represents resiliency and rebirth which I feel sums our watch company up perfectly. I hope you’ll revel in our accomplishments with us and if you feel so inclined, we’d love for you to “join the club.”

If you have any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to call or email us. I would love to discuss any subject related to watches you might have. Thank you to everyone who supports us. We wouldn’t be here without you...